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Know Your Closet: Save Time, Money, and Sanity.

Rule # 1: Know what is in your closet.

Need a new outfit? Start in your closet. Want to go buy some new trendy pieces for Spring? Before you go, know what’s in your closet. Knowing what pieces you own undoubtedly takes a highly visible and easily accessible wardrobe. Having a well organized closet will not only make you a more efficient shopper and dresser, but it will also save you a ton of time and money too!

I know what you are thinking, “My closet is overflowing with clothes; I don’t have a clue what is in there. Yet, I still don’t seem to have a thing to wear!”. We have all been there. Me included.

My client, Stephanie, loves to shop. She has a closet full of gorgeous clothes, (leather skirts, polka dot dresses, suede shoes–**DROOL**!) but was having a hard time knowing what pieces to put with what. Also, with so many clothes to choose from, getting ready for work in the morning was a hassle, and even with all the beautiful clothes she owned always seemed to be wearing the same thing.

The perfect solution was my Sort, Shop, Style service. Starting with closet sorting, we analyzed and evaluated Stephanie’s pieces, decided what to keep and what to donate, and organized her closet in a way that was easy for her to see all of her beautiful clothes. We also made a shopping list of additional pieces to add to her wardrobe to assist in creating brand new outfits!

Ashley Kahn, Wardrobe Stylist, sorts and organizes a client's closet in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio Texas.

The result? Well, as you can see from her lovely picture, a feeling of accomplishment and self-renewal! Plus, we had a blast! Two heads really are better than one- especially when you are organizing a closet full of clothes! Our next step? Shopping and then a Styling Session! Most definitely my favorite part, we will create outfits from her newly fresh and organized closet, add in the few pieces we bought, and create her own Stylebook!

I help women build wardrobes that save time, money, and provide them with an endless amount of outfit options. Do I love my job?! Oh, yes!!

Until next time,

Wear it out!

Personal Stylist, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio Texas




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