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Two-Step to Up-To-Date looks for RodeoHouston

Living less than a mile away from the home of The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, I've been enjoying the music, lights, and laughter that has been bubbling over from NRG stadium and into my quaint, condominium community. It's been 2 long years since I've felt the electricity and excitement that's in the air around rodeo time, and it doesn't take hearing twin fiddles and a steel guitar from your front porch to know it. The city is abuzz with energy and life, you can feel that the heartbeat of the city itself is elevated. For good reason too. Though I may be partial being a native Houstonian, a past FFA member, an HLSR Calf Scrambler (if you don't know what this is yet...ooh you're in for a treat!) and a collegiate barrel racer, I really believe any age from any background can unanimously agree, RODEOHOUSTON is in a word, iconic. So as I sat outside this weekend enjoying the gorgeous weather, swaying to the distant beats echoing from down the street, plugging away at my computer, my nose suddenly got a waft of all the delicious, mouth-watering fair food aromas. Which stopped me dead in my tracks for 2 reasons: 1. I have not smelled much of ANYTHING since October when I got the virus-that-must-not-be-named. 2. I was starting a style newsletter about Rodeo looks and had yet to create my own. With my petite frame and pickiness, it's never a good idea for me to try to shop before an event last minute. Plus, I already knew I had some great pieces in my wardrobe. I decided to make outfits using pieces I already owned with a Closet Styling session. Before you tell yourself there is no way you have anything western in your closet--take a look at what I created below with very minimal pieces, you'll be shocked!! Which brings us to the next important question ...what kind of cowgirl are you? Get my tips below for how to style cowgirl looks, regardless if your style is fun and classic or even if you don't own a pair of western boots...I've got you covered for all your HLSR events!


If you need a last min rodeo outfit fast, I recommend shopping your closet for button-downs first. Look for all white, black, beige, or patterns like plaid, python, floral, or southwestern/Aztec prints. The key thing to remember here is not to focus too much on the fabric, as it's only important if it's going to leave you hot or cold. I say this because I often see client's ruling out pieces with fabulous rodeo potential because they feel like it's "too casual" or a "work" top. If it's in button-down form, give it a chance by styling it with a lace fitted top, denim, wide-leg pants, or a midi/maxi skirt and comfortable cowgirl boots (you'll be doing a lot of walking!) for the perfect HLSR get-up!

Houston personal stylist creates outfits for rodeo 2022

I paired this oversized, plaid flannel button-down with a lace bodysuit (a simple white camisole blouse or white tank works too), and a black denim skirt with python cowgirl boots. Layered necklaces and this concho western belt finish the look!

Fashion stylist in Houston creates western outfits for Houston Rodeo

Wide legs are currently trending on the rodeo circuit. This was the perfect opportunity to get even more wear out of my teal effortless dress pants I'm currently obsessed with. As I continued to style from my closet, I realized how perfectly this colorful southwestern print scarf with tassels went with my plain white button-down!

HLSR outfits created by Houston personal stylist Ashley Kahn

For me, it's so much easier to buy accessories and shoes than it is to find clothes that flatter and fit my petite frame exactly how I want. Even a piece as simple as a bandanna can put a bit more western swing in your step!


If you have more of a bohemian or edgy style, look for graphic tees (they don't need to be western-themed), leather, and fringe in your closet. Notice how I was able to use the plaid flannel in a completely different outfit (from our classic look above) by styling it open and untucked with the shorts. If you have a flat-brimmed boho hat and lots of rings, necklaces, and bracelets-- this would be a great time to bust them out!

Houston livestock show and rodeo outfits created by personal stylist Ashley Kahn

More proof that a graphic tee can literally be right for any occasion! My graphic tee is western-themed with an armadillo, but any graphic tee(western or not) will work for this look. The flannel you choose to layer over is what will really complete the boho/edgy cowgirl look!

Fringe and leather Rodeo Houston Outfit worn by Ashley Kahn Wardrobe Stylist

Fringe and fringe jackets in particular, have been trending for the past few years. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you found something hanging in your closet with fringe on it! Black jeans, styled with the base lace shell, with boots and MAN! You'll feel like a woman!!

Graphic tee outfit HLSR styled by Houston closet stylist

This outfit shows the versatility of a little black dress. I layered mine with a graphic tee over the top and a jean jacket to transform the dress into a skirt! The final touch was to transform my purse by wrapping the scarf around the crossbody strap. BOOM! A non-western LV purse turns into a western staple faster than you can twirl a lasso!


No western boots? No problem. You can still shop your closet for super cute HLSR western outfits! Browse your wardrobe for denim, leather, and scarves that have a bit of western flare. Then, stack dainty layers or rock a big chunky statement necklace to complete your fit and you'll be ready to ride!

Have Personal Stylist Ashley Kahn help you create your HLSR outfits

I've styled my off-white leather jacket and denim skirt with these knee-high, classic, black boots that have been in my closet forever. What gives it the rodeo flare? The Python handbag, jewelry, and cowgirl hat! One of these can be easily and quickly purchased while you're at the rodeo--transforms any look to be cowgirl cutie ready!

Ashley Kahn virtual stylist creates HLSR outfits

I would be surprised if you didn't have a pair of black jeans and a denim jacket in your closet. Style with pearl earrings and a bandanna with heeled non-western boots!

Dallas personal stylist approved rodeo outfits for RODEOHOUSTON

At first glance, you wouldn't think twice about this black dress and off-white leather jacket being a country look without a pair of western boots. However, when I style my hair slicked and pulled back with small braids, a chunky statement necklace, and a southwestern scarf --I feel like I could be riding the plains into the sunset on a spotted horse with a feather in his tail!


Look how few pieces I used to make all of these outfits!

RodeoHouston outfits with the pieces you have at home by Ashley Kahn personal stylist


My one-time, 3 hour, introductory Closet Styling service allows me to style Rodeo looks straight from your current wardrobe!

There's 2 weeks left of RODEOHOUSTON, how do you want to feel when you go?

Ashley Kahn wardrobe stylist Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio Texas

When it comes to personal styling, I make it fun, efficient, easy, and exciting!

I do this because I truly believe it's how getting dressed is meant to be.

I also take it very seriously, as in seriously serving the amazing women (and now, men!) who call on me and my expert services.

My goal is to bring out the true, most authentic version of you so you can live your most epic life!



LUKE BRYAN concert


I'm surprising Olivia, my styling assistant, with 2 tickets for us to see one of my favorite country singers, Luke Bryan! Not ever going to HLSR at an age she can remember, I'm so excited to show her everything RODEOHOUSTON has to offer! We will be documenting our experience to share tips on western wear and getting around the rodeo on my Instagram @ashleyrhodesstyle for the next two weeks!





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