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The Perfect Summer Shorts If You're Over 30

At even the mention of the word "shorts," I've seen women's facial reactions range from disdain and disgust to even fear and loathing. For many, the thought of donning a pair is just simply out of the question, which is odd considering shorts are both practical and logical when dealing with the killer Houston heat. They alleviate the constant worry of exposing one's self to the world, like a dress may accidentally do. So what is it about this piece of clothing that makes it so unpopular for women who are 30 and older? There are tons of misconceptions and myths around shorts. So let's set the facts straight while I share my secrets to finding and styling the perfect pairs of shorts that will keep you cool (in more ways than one) all summer long.

Personal Stylist in Houston, Texas shares best shorts of the summer

Misconception #1:

Shorts are only appropriate for teenagers and women in their 20s.

Are extremely high denim cut offs the first thing that comes to mind when you think of shorts? You know, the ones where there's a fear of a butt cheek slipping out while walking? Ok, so that may be an exaggeration, but there are definitely pairs I used to wear in my 20s that I now deem too short for comfort. On the other end, there are bermuda shorts that go all the way down to your knees. Though bermuda shorts are great for certain age groups and taller women, a lot of us are not 5'9". So where on earth is the middle ground? The answer is the 5 inch short! It's just the perfect mid-thigh length, not too short and not too long!

Personal Stylist in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio shares the best summer shorts to wear if you're over 30

No it's not a fanny pack, it's a belt bag and they are a great way to update your wardrobe. Plus, they are so very convenient! Loved having mine during a trip I took to the Guadalupe river this past weekend.

Houston Wardrobe Stylist shares most flattering shorts of the summer

Stripes are big for the season, and so are fresh and bright colors! Double team your stripes for extra fun. I love how the stripes on the soles of my sneakers echo the swimsuit!

Personal Stylist based in Houston also sees clients in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio TX

Misconception #2:

Most shorts fit too tight around the booty and thighs, making them uncomfortable and unflattering.

How a piece of clothing fits is extremely important! It's not just about a short's length, but also about a figure-flattering cut. Too tight around the butt and thighs can feel inappropriate and uncomfortable after your 20's. It's all about the tailoring! Pick a short that has wider leg holes to leave plenty of room for thighs to breathe. Choose fits that hug the back end just enough, but not too much. The styles I'm wearing in these pics do just that. Got some voluptuousness to your figure? White House Black Market, my favorite place to find these 5 inch shorts, even have curvy fits!

Houston Personal Stylist shares best shorts to wear if you are 30 or older

Don't be afraid to mix those patterns! Sure proof way to do it right? Put large scaled prints with smaller ones. In this photo, the polka dots are a larger print than the small checks, which is why it works!

Houston Personal Shopper shares best shorts of season

In the picture below, a quick layer change from polka dots to white denim gives my checked shorts a totally new look! The pop of red from my cute backpack and earrings is what really makes these black and white outfits sing.

Austin TX Personal Stylist shares best shorts if you're over 30

Misconception #3:

Shorts are only for casual wear and don't have much versatility.

Many shorts come in casual chino material, which is perfect for an active day in the park and other summertime activities. For an upscale night out, chinos or even denim may not be the right solution for the occasion. It all comes down to the material of the shorts and what you pair with them. The 5 inch, WHBM shorts I'm wearing in this blog (apart from the denim) range from cotton/spandex/polyester blends and have just the right amount of texture, structure, and weight. The fabric makes them perfect for creating a polished look with heels or dressing down with sneakers!

Personal Shopper Houston shares the best shorts to wear in your 30s and beyond

A hint of the extraordinary in my sequin Christian Louboutin's. Pairing unexpected pieces in your looks will keep you right on trend for the season.

Wardrobe Stylist in Houston Texas shares best shorts to wear for any figure

Above, palm leaves and tropical vibes are perfect prints for the summer, like the one in my shorts!


Below, the 5 inch short in black paired down with sneakers for a fun day at a theme park!

Personal Stylist in Houston Texas shares best tips when shopping for shorts

Misconception #4:

My legs are too white to wear shorts. Or I can't wear shorts because_________________.

I was 14 years old at camp when a boy (that I happened to have a crush on) told me that my legs were so white they shone brighter than the sun. This was just the beginning of the many skin tone (and weight) comments I'd hear over the years that would lead to self doubt in my appearance. I regret to say, I even visited the tanning bed for a short time to make my skin darker and more "desirable." It was exhausting (and unhealthy) striving for a look that wasn't me. With the help of family, friends, and some very iconic celebrity women (including Anne Hathaway and Disney's animated Princess Snow White), I came to love and embrace my skin. I'm not white, I'm porcelain and it rocks! At one time or other, the world has twisted all of our minds about how we think we should look. I've heard doubts about knees, leg sizes, weight, aging, and skin tone. But the truth is when you see a woman who exudes self confidence because she loves what she's wearing and accepts who she is, it doesn't matter her age, size, skin tone, or even the style of clothes she's wearing. You just see a woman who makes no apologies for who she is and you can't help but admire her.

Houston Texas Wardrobe Stylist shares most flattering shorts of summer

Houston Wardrobe Stylist shares best summer shorts and where to find them.

Be fabulous you this summer!

Until next time,

Wear it Out!


Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper in Houston, TX

Ashley Rhodes is a Personal Stylist and Shopper In Houston, Texas.

She helps women everyday build more

efficient, versatile wardrobes that not

only save them time, money, frustration

but provide outfits that leave them

feeling cute, comfortable, and confident!




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