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3 timeless pieces to add to your wardrobe

As someone who's job it is to know what the latest fashion trends are, I'll be the first one to tell you, I usually don't love or even recommend half of what clothing retailers are offering on any given day. This is partly due to  high standards and a very balanced view I have when it comes to shopping for my wardrobe. I expect both thrilling and practical. Timeless and current. Exciting and versatile. Flattering and fun. This causes me to be very selective about which pieces get the honor and privilege of occupying the valuable real estate which is my closet.

The goal is to ensure that at least 75% or more of the clothing items I add hold their value and are timeless, giving them ability to be restyled over the decades. This then allows current, trendier pieces to blend seamlessly into new looks with my existing wardrobe!

Without further ado, here are three Ashley Rhodes, Personal Stylist approved pieces that are on-trend, current and will have longevity in you wardrobe over the years!

I'm taking a stand for the AND when it comes to my style! What about you? 


One of my favorite trending styles right now is the pleated midi skirt for several reasons. To start, it has incredible versatility to create outfits for various occasions. For work, easily style with a tucked in, button down blouse or thin turtle neck (like pictured below). Finish off the look with a belt and pumps or an ankle bootie. To rock a more casual look, pair with a graphic tee tucked in, a leather moto jacket, and funky boots! A date night could be body suit or fun flirty top tucked in with sexy sandals. Honestly, the possibilities are endless. This is a style that will last throughout the decades, allowing you to revisit it frequently throughout it's life time in your closet!

Pleated skirt- Ashley Rhodes, Personal Stylist


Both myself and clients are currently obsessed with Wilfred's comfortable and fun colored vegan leather pieces! Nothing says "IT" girl like leather, and these don't have the jaw dropping price tag (vs genuine leather) to accompany them. Believe it or not, they can even be worn during some of Texas's hotter months without burning you alive! No joke, I have a current client who was happily wearing the Melina leather pant (pictured below) in the spring and early summer without being suffocated. I'm loving all the different colors these come in too, some of my favorite being neutrals like beige and white but also unique colors for leather like pink and blue! A vegan leather blazer (see below) is the perfect addition to freshen up your office looks or a girls night out. Love, love, love!


If you've been reading my style tips, trends, and must-haves for awhile, (they come out weekly!) you won't be surprised by this recommendation. Wider leg silhouettes are really doing it for me right now, and will definitely be sticking around for the long haul. After so many years of seeing primarily skinny silhouettes, I find wider styles to be such a breath of fresh air! I'm deeply infatuated with these Effortless pants (see first pic below) made by Wilfred. I personally have a black pair and the amount of outfits I've gotten out these babies is literally mind blowing. From wearing with sneakers to styling with a sexy bodysuit and wearing to a wedding, the options are truly endless!


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