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Elevate & update your style game for 2023

For 2023, I've made the commitment to myself to show up in a way that feels authentically and genuinely ME, every single day. When I step out the front door, no matter where I'm going, my personal style will make it visible to the world exactly who I am and what I'm all about, without having to say a word. I intend to radiate electrifying confidence that will be seen and felt with everyone and anyone I encounter; be it at client appointments, dinners out with friends, date nights, concerts, weddings, exciting trips I have planned this year, you name it. I've made this commitment to confidence because I know that when I feel amazing about I look, it takes a dramatic effect on my mood, mindset, how I interact with others, how others interact with me, and how successful I am with all the goals I am working toward this year.

Yes, defining and owning a personal style is that important when it comes to experiencing an abundantly thriving life. So when making plans to have the most epic year ever, strategizing my wardrobe game and the pieces I'm going to invest in, is the first place I start.

I'll be shopping for and styling outfits that are: On-trend AND flatter my frame and figure Up-to-date AND feel and look like ME Elevated AND match my lifestyle Feel new, fresh AND work with my current wardrobe Confident inducing AND comfortable Are versatile AND stay true to my personal style Are quality AND have longevity in my wardrobe I've broken down some of 2023's top trends that I highly recommend adding to your wardrobe to get your year started off with electrifying confidence! Keep reading to see my top picks!


Before making any other style selections for 2023, it's important to first decide what denim/pant silhouettes you'll want to try out and wear for the year. Bottom style selection will determine your top and shoe choices, so definitely start here first! The 2000s era is heavily influencing this year's fashion, and you'll most likely recognize both old favorites and despised past styles emerging everywhere. Remember, don't buy a piece just because it's, "in style", as it needs to feel good and flatter your specific style tastes and preferences. If you didn't love it the first time around, it may be a good idea to leave it behind and in the past where it belongs!

Bootcut (DARK WASH):Remember when everyone rocked this style of jean in the 2000s? For good reason too, as the bootcut silhouette is flattering to every body type! A good rule of thumb: the longer the bootcut hem, the higher the shoe needs to be. Choose bootcut styles that have hems that don't skim the floor to be able to wear flat styled shoes like loafers and sneakers!

Wide-leg (GREEN): The ever popular and well loved wide-leg pant is here to stay in 2023, and I'm digging the vast array of colors there are to choose from! If you're petite and want to wear this trend, make sure to hem, order petite, opt for cropped, or choose slimmer legged wide-leg silhouettes. Check the leg opening circumference and stay around 17" or smaller to ensure this style won't swallow up your tinier frame!

Loose Straight Leg: (LIGHT WASH): I'm personally most excited about the "loose straight" denim trend. I loved adding straight legs to my style rotation last year, and this update gives me something new to try that has a very laid back, cool girl, edge to it. I also appreciate that as long as the hem length isn't too long (see above picture) you can rock this style of jean with both flat and heeled shoes.


My personal style words are: Fun, Edgy, Timeless, Sexy, and Bold, so when I saw that the nostalgic 2000s trend are bringing back fun, eclectic, and bold footwear, I immediately put it on the top of my shopping list. Vibrant colors, platforms, sparkle, and western inspired boots are all the rage for 2023 and I'm obsessed with all the variety of pieces to choose from!

Platform Heels: Metallics will be having a huge moment this year and will be seen on shoes, handbags, and clothing! I'm really excited to see the return of metallics in a platform heel. A platform heel, like the one above, may look too high to be comfortable, it's actually the opposite! The platform literally subtracts from the heel height and creates a decreased incline and the feeling of walking on a much smaller heel!

Strappy Sandals & Platform Sneaks :Bright, vivid colors add a huge dose of personality and interest to an outfit, and are sure to deliver a huge boost of style confidence. Show your fun side with strappy sandals or platform sneakers in an array of fun colors! Mid-height block heels and platform sneaks are super comfortable, have ease in walkability, and versatility for their ability to be styled with multitude of bottoms and looks.


Adding a layer to any ensemble is a quick and easy way to put together a cohesive, elevated look with minimal effort. When it comes to new silhouettes for outerwear, the bomber jacket is exploding back on the scene and is an excellent piece to bring a fresh update to your already existing wardrobe. With the ability to be effortlessly be dressed up or down, this style will have tons of versatility and longevity for your 2023 outfit rotation!

The Reversible Bomber (TOP): Green is a big color trend this season, and I'm loving the edge and polish of a sleek bomber jacket. The one above is particularly fabulous because it's ability to be turned inside out and and be a brand new color! Two jackets in one, talk about versatile!

Bomber Jackets (BOTTOM): Another reason I'm a fan of the bomber style is that it's usually found in lighter weight fabrics. This is perfect for living in Texas as our winter is, well... not very wintery! It's also an ideal option to buy now and carry on wearing into the spring. Longevity at it's finest!


Bold patterns, interesting details, and COLOR is what 2023 bottoms are going to be all about! This is a fantastic way to showcase a personal style that's all your own, while giving your wardrobe an exciting update and refresh. Sky is the limit with this trend, and you'll be seeing fun and different exploding on the retail scene. To balance this trend and not be too over the top (unless that's what you're into of course!) style with a basic top in a solid color. Try a button down blouse, fitted tee, or sleek solid colored blazer with this trend and you'll be wowed by the visual!

Skirts (TOP): Maxi skirts are making a return in daring and epic styles like this metallic one above. Fringe is also on the rise and I'm adoring this gorgeous bone colored piece from Understated Leather!

Patterned Bottoms (BOTTOM RIGHT): I'm just crazy about newspaper/comic book black and white patterns this season! Style these with a solid colored top in a vibrant color like blue, red, fuchsia, or purple for a simply FIRE look!

Abstract Bottoms (BOTTOM LEFT): I have no words for how much I adore these abstract colorful wide-legs, can you say, STYLE ICON?!


Leather is by far one of my very favorite pieces to invest in, and this year it will be heating up the fashion scene in a bunch of new shapes, colors, and styles! Western vibes like fringe, vividly hued bottoms, and even blazers will be getting a full update! Quality leather is always a sure bet to add to your wardrobe and is the perfect way to look effortlessly put together and chic!

Leather: My mom gifted me a black, leather fringe, cropped jacket (all the way from Argentina, where she was born!) when I was in high school. I still wear, love, and adore that piece to this day, it's one of my favorite pieces in my closest! Investing in quality leather is buying a piece you can potentially wear and love forever--100% a smart buy!

and I'm a personal stylist whose passion, goal, and gift is to help women look AND feel like the amazing, powerful, and confident, woman they truly are--effortlessly helping them remove the doubt, stress, and overwhelm that often comes when trying to determine a personal style and build a wardrobe they love.

If any of this strikes a chord with you, let's hop on a complimentary 1:1 style call to find out if you've be a good fit for my styling services




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