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The 3 Things to Know to Have an Amazing Wardrobe

No matter what anyone tells you, there is not an exact formula when it comes to great style. Some people like to rely solely on body shape to give them the pieces they should wear. And I agree, body shape analysis is something you can always use as a basic foundation. However, not every person's body can fit into the 4-6 cookie cutter shapes. Then there is personal style preferences and tastes. Not everyone will like certain fits of clothing, certain fabrics, or styles--regardless if it's "recommended" for their body shape or not. Not to mention the roadblock of overstuffed and overwhelming closets that hinder outfit making abilities. If style was as simple as an equation, we would have a textbook that everyone could go by and no one would have any problems buying clothing or making great outfits ever again. (Wouldn't that be nice!!)

That being said, there are things you can always control to elevate your style and ensure you have awesome looks. A way to have endless outfits for every occasion, so you never have to say "I have nothing to wear!" ever again.

1. Knowing your personal style

The best place to begin to figure this out? Your closet. Pull out all of your absolute favorite pieces. The ones you feel great in and love wearing. Then take out all of your least favorite pieces. Analyze each group and look for patterns and similarities. Do all of the pieces you love maybe have the same length? Or maybe it's the fabric, color, or fit? All the people I help to find their personal style have a distinct pattern with their favorite pieces - same with their least favorite ones. Figure out what you love and run with it! Creating a Pinterest style board is another great tool in finding the patterns in your style preferences. Best way to unlock the secrets of your style? Hire a professional!

Personal Stylist in Houston, TX Ashley Kahn reviews why knowing your personal style is so important

2. Understanding Less is More when it comes to your closet

You will always pick the pieces you LOVE to wear over the pieces you just like wearing. Make sure each piece has a different function and purpose and that no two pieces do the exact same thing--you'll always gravitate toward the favorite of the two. Closets with too many options hinder our creative outfit making ability, not to mention cloud our vision, overwhelm us, and waste time. Less really is more!

3. Owning and utilizing these 4 crucial pieces in your wardrobe:


Basic pieces will vary from person to person. But what every basic piece has in common is its versatility. The most versatile pieces are easy to layer over, whether it be jewelry, vests, or jackets and can be worn with at least two or more different pants you own. They can have details, patterns, and short or long sleeves-- as long as they don't get in the way of layering (my top below has lace up sleeves). For this blog's example outfit, I'll be using this burgundy long sleeve pullover that has a good amount of length to it and my favorite black pair of leggings.

Wardrobe Consultant in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio Texas talks about must haves in the wardrobe


Shoes are literally the defining factor that can take the same two basic clothing pieces from a night on the town to a casual night in with a spouse or friends. Don't underestimate how shoes can change an entire outfit! I'll be showing 4 different types of shoes with my two basic pieces above to show how footwear can transform your look.


Layers can be classified as jackets, coats, or vests. They heighten the level of finesse with any look, adding more dimension and interest to your overall appearance. It's amazing how adding a layer can make you actually appear like a "styling genius." People are always impressed when a layer is involved in an outfit, it makes it really look like you knew what you were doing when you put it together! They are also a great way to showcase your personality-- so don't be afraid to get creative like I did with my looks shown in this blog! I used a funky denim vest with sequins and metal chain fringe, a white leather jacket, and a flowy paisley vest.


Talk about dramatic boosts to any ensemble! Different jewels can make your look preppy, edgy, sophisticated or funky....again all with the same basic pieces! Jewelry really has the transformative power to define your look-- and enable you not to own so many pieces in your wardrobe. When you have the right basic pieces you can change their whole look and vibe with the right accessories!

And now finally! Here are all the looks that were created with these 4 crucial pieces :

Did you enjoy this blog post? I help women build and create beautiful wardrobes they love to call their own. Wardrobes that make their lives easier and provide them with tons of amazing outfits for every occasion and event in their lives.

Ashley Kahn is a Personal Stylist who serves clients in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio TX. She believes fashion should be fun, efficient, and exciting for everyone.

Ashley Rhodes is a Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper In Houston, Texas. She helps women everyday build more efficient, versatile wardrobes that not only save them time, money, frustration but provide outfits that leave them feeling cute, comfortable, and confident!




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