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Packing for SUCCESS: I use these 3 strategic methods with every client

One of my all time favorite ways to serve my clients as a personal stylist is by creating efficient packing lists.

The women I style have reputable careers where dressing their best isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. Along with a demanding job, they also have families, obligations, and extremely busy and fun social lives that take precedence, making dressing and packing for success a time devouring burden and stressor.

Taking this daunting task off their plates so they can focus on what really needs their attention in life, is exactly why it's such a beloved service of mine.

I love being able to ensure that when a client packs for important trip it's....

Effortless, giving back valuable time and granting peace of mind before and during a trip.

Stress-relieving, as an efficiently packed, not over stuffed suitcase erases overwhelm and frustration.

Confidence inducing, knowing the outfits packed will have them respected, taken seriously, and inspire meaningful connections.

There are 3 strategic methods used every single time I pack to provide ultimate style success. Keep reading to find out exactly how you can do the same for your next trip!



Don't: Waste valuable time or be uncomfortably dressed

Before packing for a trip, there are three essential priorities I keep in mind when choosing and creating outfits: 1. Looking amazing and being comfortable, 2. To be wardrobe ready for anything that may pop up, and 3. How to best utilize and save time while I'm there so I can accomplish everything I need to.

I've found the absolute best way to achieve this, is to plan for what I like to call, effortless outfit transitions. This successfully occurs when an outfit easily morphs into a brand new outfit by swapping out two to three pieces of clothing. This can be done with a bottom, shoe, accessory, or layer change, the primary aspect is that it can be done without changing the entire outfit, which takes up valuable time and energy you may not have. Having effortless transitions planned allows you to not only pack less but be comfortable and appropriately dressed for any and every situation, day or night!

Above, is an example of a packing list I created recently for a Next Level Styling client with my virtual styling platform! With a week long conference in New Orleans, Carolyn's schedule consisted of meetings in the day with more casual work dinners at night. To the left is what she wore at the conference, to the right is what she wore for a dressy casual evening, accomplished with just a shoe and bottom swap!

Carolyn loved how easily this outfit transitioned to evening with just a quick and simple layer change! Swapping out her black blazer for her denim jacket took this work look down a notch, making it ideal for a more dressy casual evening dinner!



Don't: Regret painful or inappropriate shoe choices

When selecting shoes for an out of town event, such as a work conference, packing shoes that are both appropriate for the situation and able to withstand the days activities (i.e walking in between meetings and to other buildings) is of utmost importance when packing. To accomplish this, I recommend taking versatile flats and heels in neutral colors like black or nude. Loafers are a great choice for flats and mid to low heels are perfect for pumps, both ensuring walkability and comfort. Versatility is achieved with neutral color choices and picking styles that are dressy casual. To achieve a dressy casual element with footwear, look for loafers made of sleek leather and have structured almond or pointy toes. Metal hardware or metallic details are always a sure bet too!

Here's Carolyn looking and feeling fabulous at her conference in New Orleans! We didn't even mean to match the branding for the event, just an awesome coincidence! I styled this look for her with both a flat and heeled shoe option in neutral black, allowing her to choose between either one depending on the days activities!

The loafers above are the perfect versatile shoe choice, in neutral suede with a pointy toe. These details make them easily able to be dressed up or down, depending on the outfit they are styled with! The low/mid heel pumps in sleek leather with metallic leather detail make these easy to dress up for work or style down for fun with a pair of denim!



Don't: Be overpacked and overwhelmed

We've all been guilty of this packing crime, not knowing what outfits to take so we just pack EVERYTHING, stuffing a bunch of clothing into a suitcase, crossing our fingers, and hoping we come up with outfits when we get there. It may seem like a good solution at the time, packing a plethora of options, but in reality it's a sure way to cause overwhelm and stress upon arrival. Lack of visibility, decision fatigue, and last minute outfit creation wastes valuable time while out of town and can cause possible lateness and frustration during a time it's needed to be exactly the opposite. Pre-styling looks and packing pieces that are worn with multiple looks, is the ultimate way to embark and focus on an important trip with peace of mind and confidence!

Here's another photo of Carolyn and her co-workers in one of the outfits I styled for her New Orleans conference! The navy blazer I chose to pack for her had the ability to be styled with other several other looks we packed!

Here's a second outfit I styled and had Carolyn pack for her week long trip. It goes perfectly with her printed floral blouse and navy ankle pants. Complete with two versatile shoe options for her to choose from for the day!

Struggle to put together outfits they feel amazing in and are appropriate for their many life activities.

Find shopping to be a waste of their valuable time, rarely finding pieces that work for them.

Are in a reputable and demanding work role where looking good isn't a luxury, it's a necessity

Have extremely full, busy lives with families and friends they want & need to prioritize spending time with.

Travel out of town for work and vacation and get frustrated and overwhelmed with packing.

Need effortless outfits that have them looking and feeling fabulous for all their fun social events.

Any of this ring a bell? If so, I get it, and I'm here to help!

Let's chat about Next Level Styling.

Book a free 1:1 Consult below!

When it comes to personal styling, I make it fun, efficient, easy, and exciting!

I do this because I truly believe it it's how getting dressed is meant to be.

My goal is to bring out the true, most authentic version of you so you can live your most epic life!


New Team Addition!!

A exciting new addition to my staff is the very talented and creative social media & design manager, Katie Mander!

She has been creating beautiful, fun, and strategic content for my instagram, @ashleyrhodesstyle helping me visually show others how I can help change their lives through the power of personal style! If you have not already, follow my instagram @ashleyrhodesstyle to see the latest posts she's created for me. There's even a new one on my wedding planning process !!




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