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3 Tips for Effortless Shopping

Are you wearing a handful of clothing pieces in the same  mundane rotation week after week, causing you to be bored with how you look and feel? 

Do you dread events, going out with friends, or even nice dinner dates out because you have nothing to put on that makes you feel good about yourself? 

This year, are you trying to focus and prioritize your mental health, self care, and personal growth? 

Is it a struggle to shop for clothing that fits your body in both a comfortable AND flattering way? 

Do you second guess yourself in the dressing room when it comes time committing to a purchase? 

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing, only to get it home and discover it doesn't look as good on as it did in the store?

Are you tired of feeling frumpy and in style-rut and are ready to be excited about fashion and have fun getting dressed again? 

Then you are in the right place!

Check out my 3 tips below that are guaranteed to make shopping effortless, fun, and efficient!


What would it feel like knowing that after a clothing purchase you were 100% going to feel amazing in it..AND be able to style it in not just in one outfit but several?! No more wearing the same look day after day and it being mind numbingly dull and obnoxiously boring. Slipping into comfortable clothing that feels authentically you and actually excited about starting your day? For me, it's an immediate dopamine hit that has become a necessary part of my self care and mental health. How would it change your day, week, or year? I take the guesswork out of shopping by doing all the wardrobe strategy that ensures a successful shopping trip beforehand. Crucial prep work like pinpointing your distinct personal style and body type, creating an efficient and versatile shopping list, hunting down the pieces--I do all the hard work so you don't have to! 

When you know what you are taking home from the mall is something you will actually wear, you have piece of mind + confidence knowing your purchase will actually be worn when it gets home- no more unremoved tags, no more wasted money, no more lost time!

Have you ever felt this good after shopping? Jennifer hadn't either! 

She shared with me that this was her first shopping trip to find so many pieces that were comfortable, flattering and worked for her specific body type and lifestyle!

I'm sure you've noticed, there's a big difference between a clothing item looking good on the hanger, and looking good on you. How are you supposed to know what works and what doesn't without wasting an entire weekend hunting? That's my job!

Raynelle couldn't believe how easy the entire experience was, "Such a relief to know I could be confident in my buying decisions knowing they were approved by a professional stylist like Ashley!"



Ok, so you've decided it's time to buy new pieces for updated spring looks! Not sure where to begin shopping? Get completely overwhelmed and stressed out by malls? Think you have a higher probability of disappearing into a wormhole from another dimension than knowing where to park or how to find the store you need at the Galleria?

Believe me, you are not alone as I hear this concern from clients all the time. I make it effortless with precisely mapped google parking directions plus my 1:1 guidance during your entire trip. This will ensure you don't fall subject to the high anxiety that can be caused in a mall when you don't know where you are going! 

Even better, I do all the pre-shopping before you even arrive at the mall, so no sifting through clothing and experiencing decision fatigue with all the many choices. I narrow it down to the very best options and have them set up in a dressing room ready to try-on when you arrive! Talk about effortless! 

Lauren's pre-shopping glow radiating through the photograph!

Being in the customer service industry for 13 years, I take it super seriously. Only QUEEN treatment for each and every client! Now with an assistant accompanying me on shop trips, shopping is even more seamless, easy, and in a word...well, luxurious!


When was the last time you actually had FUN shopping? Like, honest to goodness, genuinely enjoyed yourself buying new clothes? A trip to the mall that involved 0 buying anxiety or stress, just ease and pleasure? Arriving at home with new pieces that will create outfits that make you feel classy, youthful, and fun you actually get to anticipate wearing them.

Maybe you used to enjoy shopping or maybe you  think I'm speaking of some invented, make-believe, dreamland, but I assure you, it's possible and can be a reality! Just take a look at the fun shopping client photos below for proof!

Michelle was shocked how efficient and FUN shopping could actually be!

"Tis, the perfect fit my lady!" Time to make some happily ever after outfits. Queenly treatment + silliness= a BLAST!

Because we living like that. And we riding like that.

Ready for your own style revival? Let's chat:




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