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Feeling frumpy? Stop making these 3 mistakes with your style:

There have been countless times I've walked into my closet to put-together what I was sure would be a fabulous outfit, only to come out and look in the mirror and realize is something is wrong. 

How can certain outfits look so flawless on other people, but when I try to replicate the exact same look it's so terribly wrong? 

In the past when this would happen, it was very easy to start feeling and thinking badly about my body, spiraling down a rabbit hole of pity and despair. I felt frumpy, unattractive, and lost. 

The fact is that these feelings of inadequacy are lies. The truth is that very small tweaks to your style can make a huge difference, and do wonders to skyrocket your confidence to the next level. 

Keep reading to discover how to avoid the 3 most common style mistakes and take your style from frumpy to FABULOUS!


A regular mistake I see clients making when they feel their fashion has gone from fun to frumpy is outfits styled with the incorrect neckline for their body type and proportions. Not factoring in this seemingly minor detail can make or break an entire look and be the difference between feeling fantastic or frightful. Every individual body will have it's own set of  "rules' on what flatters and what doesn't and discovering your own set of personal styling do's & don'ts is the real secret to an elevated look. Experimenting with different necklines, styles, and silhouettes is a great way to start identifying what's best for you.

Next time your look is off, switch up the neckline by raising or lowering it, it may just be a total outfit changer!

Ensuring your neckline is correct by creating balanced proportions for your own individual body type is especially crucial when choosing the best neckline to wear under a layering piece, such as a blazer. Height and where you carry your weight are the defining factors when finding the best neckline for your look!


Balanced proportions are the defining factor between looking elegant and elevated or super sloppy. Paying attention to the lengths of the pieces you're pairing together and making  adjustments to fit your body type and height is key. Tucking tops, scrunching sleeves, hemming pants, may all seem minor, but are huge game changers when feeling and looking chic!

Wearing full length pants, flat shoes, and long sleeves, this look is wearing me instead of the other way around! For a petite frame like mine, I balanced out the long cardigan with a skirt, scrunched sleeves, and a heeled shoe! 

Tucking my tee and shortening the pant hemline completely changes the proportions of this look taking it from blah to brilliant!


Knowing your strengths and weakness is crucial when navigating through life and style is no different. It's all about showing off your best features and down playing some of your not-so-favorite ones. Dressing to highlight the parts of your body you feel great about, destroys any chance of feeling or looking like you live in Frumptown. USA. I love my long legs and I feel amazing when I show them off in shorts and skirts. When I need electrifying confidence, this is one of my own personal style pieces I know I can always go-to!

I'll be wearing my skorts/skirts with boots, blazers, and colorful cashmere sweaters this fall!  Knowing I have ready-to-wear outfits that feel amazing allows me to take on anything the new season may bring with confidence!

Need help identifying your body type, proportions, and personal style?

I'm here to help make it easy and stress free.




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