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4 Simple Tips to Creating a Dressy Casual Outfit

So, we’ve all be there. There’s a dinner, party, or event we’ve been invited to that’s casual, but it’s not too casual. It calls for dressing up, but not getting too dressed up. You don’t want to be underdressed, but you also don’t want to be overdressed either. This, my friends, is the elusive and very mysterious, dressy-casual outfit. It’s luke warm, indecisive, and just plain confusing. The predicament of dressing for this dumbfounding, gray area of attire can quickly become frustrating when you’re not sure what to wear. It is hands down, the number one style issue that 99% of the women I meet struggle with. So believe me, when I say that you are not alone if you can relate. However, dressy-casual actually isn’t as hard to obtain as it seems. Below, I’ve broken down some key components of this attire so that getting ready for your next outing won’t leave you frazzled and fried.

Personal Stylist, Houston TX gives tips on how to create perfect dressy casual look

1. Don’t count out your “Work Attire”.

Have you ever looked at a piece of clothing you owned and thought, “Well, this is a work top. I can’t wear this out.”. Time to change your way of thinking! Flowy blouses, button-downs, and blazers that are normally worn at the office a lot of times just need to be untucked and separated from those black pair of slacks. Start practicing not labeling pieces in your wardrobe for a specific purpose. You’ll be amazed how many new outfits you acquire

Wardrobe Stylist, Houston TX shares how to create perfect dressy casual look

2. Break out your best fitting dark wash jean.

They can be boot cut, flare leg, skinny or straight leg jeans because honestly, the cut just doesn’t matter. All that matters is that they fit well and you feel awesome when you’re wearing them. Not every style of jean will look good on every body, and that is ok! Find the one that you feel best in and rock it! Then, the dark wash element will elevate the look by giving it a dressier feel.

Closet stylist Houston TX shares how to create perfect dressy casual look

3. Add some height.

Whether it be heeled boots, wedged sandals, or classic pumps, a heeled shoe dramatically changes the dynamic of an entire outfit. The right heel can quickly take a casual outfit to the next level!

Wardrobe consultant, Ashley Kan, shares how to create perfect dressy casual look

Ashley Kahn, wardrobe stylist in Houston, TX shares how to create perfect dressy casual look

Wardrobe stylist shares how to accessorize

4. Accessorize!!!!

Accessories, jewelry, in particular, is an essential component to not only a dressy casual look but any look you are trying to achieve in your wardrobe. Jewelry can change the entire look and feel to the most basic of pieces. Turns casual to dressy casual in seconds and keeps boring outfits averted!

The pieces used in today’s blog are all from Scout and Molly’s on 3311 Westpark Dr! It’s a just-opened boutique here in Houston that has a beautiful array of one of kind pieces including: unique accessories, comfortable jeans, and gorgeous tops!

I hope this was helpful friends!

Until next time,

Wear it Out!




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