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Closet Clean-Out Guide Pt 2: Asking the Important Questions

Last week, I got you started with your 2017 Closet Clean-Out! Our first two steps were: getting your style juices flowing and before getting rid of anything try it on first! Here are my next crucial steps to help you know what to keep and what to toss during your clean-out.

3. Ask the important questions.

Once you're wearing a piece of clothing, there are several important questions to ask yourself before it can earn a place in your closet: · Versatility- How many different ways can I wear it? Is at least 4? You don't need a closet bursting with clothes to have endless outfit options. You just need versatile, quality pieces that you actually enjoy wearing. Clothing has value and deserves a place in your wardrobe when it can be worn with several different pieces to create multiple outfits. · Practicality- Does it fit my current lifestyle? How many places/times can I wear it? If you used to be in a corporate setting and are now at more casual work environment or are a stay at home Mom, there may be no need to hold on to those work trousers. · Functionality- Do I already own a piece that serves the same function or purpose? If you have 5 different black tops that can only be worn with the same things, you don't need all 5. You will always choose your favorite. Cull ‘em down. · Feeling- When I wear this, do I feel cute, comfortable, and confident? And most importantly, do you feel good when you are wearing it? The most important outfit element is if you are comfortable! If you are not, chuck it! 4. Find the common denominator

Once you've decided what to keep and what to let go, now it's time to analyze the commonalities. You can learn so much about your personal style from understanding why you kept what you did, as well as why you let go of what you did. Is there a similar fit to the pieces you chose to keep? i.e, long blousy tops, button downs, long sleeve. Or maybe a similar color pattern? Same goes for what is in the discard pile. Does there seem to be a lot of fitted tops? Maybe several pieces you let go were made of a particular fabric that was uncomfortable to wear. Figuring out your likes and dislikes helps you avoid bad purchases and become a more efficient shopper, saving time, money, and your closet space! Of course some shopping boo-boos are going to happen, so cut yourself some slack. Ultimately, knowing your tastes and preferences beforehand will drastically help. 5. When you are still stuck, don't be afraid to ask for help!

I find that most of my clients struggle the most with my number 3 step in the closet clean-out guide- asking the right questions. They feel comfortable wearing a piece & they love it, but are still stuck on wearing it only a couple of ways. Or the opposite, they can't find many pieces they feel cute, comfortable, and confident in. In my career, I've discovered that there is this weird assumption that women should automatically understand style and know how to put outfits together. Let me say this loud and clear. This. is. FALSE. Nobody is just born knowing exactly what clothes fit their body and how to mix colors and silhouettes. My mother taught me everything I know about a "good fit" when it comes to clothes. And it took her forcing me into every homecoming and prom dress, plus every piece of clothing in between to prove it. Yes, some have more of knack for it than others, but it’s something that is learned and not often taught.

Don't be afraid to share your struggles with a friend because she is most likely facing the same ones. Or call an expert. A good personal stylist will have expertise style solutions for every body type, preference, and budget!

I would love to hear your feedback on what you thought of my closet clean-out guide. Leave me questions or comments in the feedback below!

Until next time,

Wear it Out!

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