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Secret to Clothes Shopping Like a Pro Pt 2

Personal Shopper in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio TX tips for shopping efficiently

Last week, I discussed the first two secrets of shopping like a PRO, which were, having a vision & shopping your closet. This week, it’s all about the game plan, the importance of what kind of pieces you buy, and having the willingness of keeping an open mind.

Make a Game Plan.

Walking into a mall without a shopping list and a plan of action is a sure way for you not only to waste an entire day, but to go home empty handed. Before you even step foot out of your house, you need to know exactly where you are going. Online shopping will save you mass amounts of time in retail stores. Take your shopping list and start searching the internet for the pieces you need. I like to create a separate Pinterest board for the pieces I’m hunting for. If not, at least write down the list of shops you’ll be hitting, i.e. White House Black Market, Express, Ann Taylor. Stay focused on where you are going and what you need!

Buy Versatile Pieces.

Before you buy a piece, ask yourself: Can I wear this 4 or more ways? What do I have at home I can wear with this? Can I wear it both dressy and casual? Does it fit my lifestyle? Do I feel amazing wearing it? If the answer is no to one or more of these, think twice before heading to the checkout counter. Reference your Stylebook for help remembering what you have already at home!

Try on something different.

You’ve made a list. You’ve collected pictures of outfits you love. You’ve tried on the pieces from the pictures. You’ve followed the game plan and yet you are still are not finding anything you love. You’re frustrated and discouraged. It’s time to try something new. Clothes are just like food. You don’t know if you like them until you try them. Put on a top you would have never picked for yourself. Ask the people who work in the store for their opinion on what are the best items in the store. Hire a Personal Stylist who can help you figure out your body type, personal style, and preferences. (That’s me by the way, Hi.) Don’t be afraid to try a smaller or larger size you never thought you’d fit into. You’ll be amazed at what you find.

Until next time,

Wear it Out!




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