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You'll never say 'I have nothing to wear!' after changing these shopping habits.


Buying things because they are on sale.



Investing in pieces you love.

We've all picked up a piece at the mall, examined it and said, "Well, I'm not sure if it's worth it...oh wait it's on sale?? Then yes--I'll take it!" No piece of clothing (let's say it's a black top) is ever worth your hard earned dollar if it doesn't fit or look exactly how you want. You'll just end up buying other another black top to replace its misgivings. And then another and another until you've spent the same amount as the perfect full price item. It's just a waste of money and space in your closet. Bottom line, don't settle. Your closet and wallet will thank you.


Purchase a piece because you like the color.



Purchase pieces that fit well.

In fashion, fit is king, or if you ask me, QUEEN. If a piece of clothing doesn't fit correctly, it doesn't matter how cute the color or design is. Don't forget comfort as well. This also goes big time for shoes!! If you are not comfortable in it, you won't wear it.


Only buying interesting pieces of clothing with lots of details.



Stocking up on versatile basics.

This is the most common mistake I find in my clients' closets. It's true -- simple tops and bottoms are not as fun to purchase, but these are the pieces that must be paired with the detailed clothing items to create the perfect, balanced look. Basics also provide endless outfit options in our closet, because of how easy it is to change the look with jewelry and layers!


Buy pieces that are for specific occasions or outfits.



Add pieces to your closet that can be worn in/to multiple looks, places, and events.

If you can't wear something 4 or more ways, it's not worth adding to your wardrobe. Buy shoes that can not only worn to the office but a night out with the girls. Pick tops that can not only be worn with jeans but also skirts & pants. Items that do double duty will not only save you money but keep your closet from becoming a packed, overwhelming mess. You'll never be lacking on outfit ideas when your clothes are versatile enough to go anywhere and do anything!


Trying to change things up in your closet by introducing pieces you are not comfortable in.



Buying more of what you already have.

What do I not mean by buying what you already have? Having 10 of the exact same style of top or jean in the exact same color and fit. Big no, no. What do I mean? Go look in your closet now. Where is the pattern? For me, it's jackets. I LOVE a great jacket. I feel and look great in them. Don't try and reinvent the wheel, create your own uniform. Maybe for you it's skirts or button downs? Expand your color and style options in silhouettes you already love and feel comfortable



Buying low quality or too trendy of clothing.



Purchasing pieces in timeless fabrics, materials, and styles.

Leather, suede, velvet, silk, and denim are just some examples of materials that will have longevity in your wardrobe. A great fitting jacket, skirt, leather boots, or a classic pair of pumps are also buys that will stand the test of time. Prints like floral, animal print, stripes, and plaid. Fringe, sequins, and feathers! Am I saying not to buy trendy pieces? Absolutely not. But keep your quantity and price on the lower side. But don't forget that when you wear pieces that fit well and you feel fabulous in, it will never go out of style!


Choose not to wear things because they are not "trendy."



Have your own personal style.

Everyone is always so worried about looking "out of date." People can unfairly make judgements on work ethic, morals, or personality on your appearance. However, you also don't want to be only wearing every new trend of the season with no personal style or mind of your own. Mix new and current pieces, with older classic ones in your wardrobe. Your outfit will still be up to date but with your own personal take on it--believe me there is nothing more impressive than someone who is confident in who they are!

Until next time,

Wear it Out!


Wardrobe Stylist, Houston TX. Photo Taken By Stephanie Quates Photography

Ashley Rhodes is a Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper In Houston, Texas. She helps women everyday build more efficient, versatile wardrobes that not only save them time, money, frustration but provide outfits that leave them feeling cute, comfortable, and confident! Email her at to set up a free consult.




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