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The 2018 Fashion Trends to Include in Your Wardrobe.

When it comes to fashion trends, it's easy to get swept up in the latest and greatest new pieces. It's understandable. Trends are fun, exciting, and a great way to keep your wardrobe updated. However, when analyzing the 2018 trends, it's important to pay attention to the ones that will be the best "bang for your buck" and the ones that may fizzle out fast. I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend a bunch of cash on clothing items I won't want to wear in a year or two. Now, I'm definitely not saying you should never get in on the latest trend, but it's important to be aware of the amount you spend per piece and also the quantity of the trend you are buying. For your wallet and closet's sake.

That being said, I'm going to list my top 10 trends you should pay attention to and invest in for 2018. I've chosen them based on their projected longevity and versatility. I'll also review the ones I recommend to buy sparingly. But remember in the what you know you'll love in the future...go with your gut! Personal style NEVER goes out of fashion :)

Top 10:

1. All that GLITTERS!

Sequins!! Not just for a night out and the holidays anymore! Glitter, sparkle, shiny fabric--if it dazzles in the sunlight it's IN. This is a trend I will be all over this year.

2. Check this

Checks and plaids. I'll never get tired of them. Looks like the rest of the world isn't going to anytime soon either. They can be sophisticated, edgy, preppy, rocker, and even country. With the longevity and versatility to last for years.....checks rock.

3. Fringe is Forever

Since the 1920s...has fringe really ever died?? Between the flappers, cowgirls, hippies, and the everyday woman for the last several years...fringe is most definitely here to stay and a trend you can invest in with confidence.

4. Suit Up

Yes, the full dress suit is back. This is not your everyday suiting however. Cool, modern, hip shapes of blazers overtook the runway, paired with matching pants in a variety of patterns and styles. There is literally nothing more versatile than a blazer. Especially one that comes with pants to mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe!

5. Bold Mixed Prints

Mixing prints has been on the radar for at least the last 6 or more years. If you have not gotten into yet, now is the time. And get ready because this season's prints are louder and bolder than ever before.

6. Statement Earrings/Jewelry

Jewelry is the number one and easiest way to update your wardrobe. Keeping up to date with at least a few pieces is always key for any woman's look. Statement earrings started making their comeback last year and it's only getting stronger this coming season.

7. Bold Saturated Hues

Neutral has been a big theme the last few seasons. This spring/summer you'll see intense rainbow vibes dominating the scene. My advice here is to stick with colors you know you love. My top picks of the season are 2018's color of the year, ultra violet and primary red.

8. Feathers

A good rule of thumb for style, if it's found in nature, you can be assured it's a WIN. Bird plumage is always a classy crowd pleaser and something you can adore in your wardrobe for decades to come.

9. Denim

This may feel like a "duh" moment, but beware not to take these blue duds lightly. Crucial in any wardrobe, jeans are not something to cheap out on. Buy quality pieces that will last and you'll only have to add one new denim style to your closet once or twice a year. This is a good time to invest in a blue jean shirt and jacket too if you have not already. Also, head to toe denim-- totally a thing.

10. Sheer

Peek-a-boo clothing is always a fun tease, but it doesn't always have to be provocative. Find a happy medium in a sophisticated top that reveals the arms. Don't mind a little attention? Go for that see through dress to really turn heads!

Trends to Take it Easy on:


When I say it will be literally everywhere this season, I do mean everywhere. To reiterate, I'm not saying to not buy this trend. I am saying, however, to take it in moderation. There is not much longevity with this particular fad and though it may dominate the year, it won't hold up for much longer. I myself will probably stick with (if anything at all) one bag, a pair of shoes, and **maybe** a jacket to add to my wardrobe.

Wardrobe Stylist in Houston reviews Spring 2018 trends


Yes, ultra violet is the color of the year and lavender is going to be big. I'm a fan of adding some light purple hues. Just don't go crazy on the entire spectrum. There is only so much "canary yellow" or "light blue skies a plenty"a wardrobe can take before you either get the grandma or easter egg vibes.

Personal Stylist in Houston reviews Spring 2018 trends

Until next time,

Wear it Out!

Ashley Rhodes

Personal Stylist

Personal Stylist, Ashley Kahn talks about 2018 Fashion Trends Dallas TX




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