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2017 Trends: How to Style Drama Sleeve Tops

I've always had a flair for the dramatic. All you have to do is look at my letterman jacket from high school. Right on the back of the jacket, directly under my scripted, bolded last name is "DRAMA QUEEN" in all caps. So, as you can imagine, I'm super excited about the trends happening for 2017.

Long gone is the minimalist look of white tees and jeans, ladies. Yes, get excited because this year is all about making dramatic entrances. Unlikely pairings will be in full swing this year -- it's all about mixing colors and prints and adorning with embellishments and embroidery! And that's not even the half of it! So over the next few weeks, I'll be reviewing the 2017 trends -- which trends to embrace, which ones to maybe skip, and of course how to wear them! Because that's the big question isn't it?

This week's focus is the "drama sleeve", big shoulders, wide flaring bell sleeves, and ruffles. Below, I've created some outfits with the drama sleeve and am showing you how to take it from the office to a girls night or date night on the town!

Wardrobe Stylist Houston, TX reviews the 2017 trends


I love the ruffles on this striped, oxford material blouse. Tuck it in with your basic black pencil skirt and pair with statement earrings, which are another huge trend for the year. I like how these particular statement earrings have multiple geometric shapes happening at once, which complement the stripes on the blouse. I also love the contrast of the colored floral bag and neutral stripes in this ensemble. Then to finish the look with a hint of the unexpected, a colored shoe that's not identical to the bag (though it would still be just as cute with a red pump). Gorgeous!

Houston Personal Stylist reviews 2017 trends


Now take that same top and go for a night out! Style with your favorite cut of jeans. In this case, I've chosen a distressed skinny pair. Platform heels are also on the rise. I love the velvet based ones! You'll still see chokers everywhere this year as well. I'm still so in love with the wrapped suede chokers. The choker plus the platforms give this outfit a very 70's vibe, yet the stripes and oxford keep it modern. It's the perfect combo!

Personal Shopper in Houston, TX reviews the 2017 trends


Not only will sleeves be big this year, but so will shoulders and as you can see, ruffles are on a roll! I love this precious pink and black top with all the detail on the shoulders and arms. It's cropped short, so it's definitely for a high waisted skirt or pants. Amp up the drama by adding high waisted wide leg pants. I love all the rosy pinks that are cohesively tied in throughout the outfit! All the way down to the jewelry !

Closet Stylist in Houston reviews the 2017 trends


Now, we're ready for a night out playing with gold accents! Just the outfit when you want to be sexy and flirty, but not over do it. Small sparkly earrings start us off, so as to not compete with the frilly shoulders. This modest top doesn't show much skin and isn't super fitted, but the romantic ruffles and voluminous sleeves in subdued pink feel soft and sweet. Then...BAM leather pants! Nothing quite says "cool girl" like a pair of these. Then the original classy pump with a twist, gold embellished toes! Top it off with a sweetheart bag, and you've got the perfectly balanced proportion of edgy yet feminine, classy yet cool, and bold yet reserved!

I hope these outfits gave you some inspiration my friends! I will continue to review trends to make sure you know exactly how to wear all the latest styles!

Until next time,

Wear it Out!




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