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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying the Latest Fashion Trend

Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio wardrobe stylist, Ashley Kahn

Trending. Trend watch. Trends Fall 2015. Trend. The word produces many mixed emotions for me. Fashion trends, of course, are exciting. They keep things fun, fresh and prevent style from becoming boring and predictable. I mean, heck, it's literally my job to know all the latest styling tricks and trends so that I can keep my clients up to date and looking smart. On the other hand, trends can also give me feelings of doubt & apprehension, conjuring up ideas in my mind of flighty fashion that's here today, gone tomorrow. A piece of clothing that after a season, will be hanging in my closet, never to be worn again. Wasted money, closet space, and maybe even a wasted family photo (See me to the right documented for eternity in a picture with my grandpa, metallic pants, and a camel toe.)

That being said, here are 5 things to think about before buying the next latest fashion find.

1. Choose your trend pieces sparingly.

It's not necessary to own every single new trend handbag, shoe, or clothing piece. Pick your very favorites, and incorporate them into your existing wardrobe basics. Adding in a new handbag, shoe, accessory, or a layering piece is one of the easiest ways to sport an updated look. Being choosy with trends is not only more cost efficient for the short & long term, but also wearing a bunch of trendy pieces together all in one outfit could possibly come off looking silly, cheap, or like you might be trying a bit too hard.

2. Know which trends to invest in.

What makes an investment piece worth its price is based on two things: how frequently it can be worn and product quality. I recommend investing in pieces that can be worn with a large majority of your wardrobe. This will ensure it's frequent use, making it worth the price you paid. Take, for instance, if you purchase a handbag that is versatile in both color and function, you've invested in a piece that could potentially update your wardrobe on daily basis! The product quality will also ensure it can withstand the daily wear and not fall apart on you. Totally worth the investment.

3. Not all trends will be for you...and that's OK!

personal shopper Houston Dallas Austin San Antonio ashley Kahn

I have never liked the way I look in skinny jeans. But ya know what? I can rock a pair of boot cut jeans like nobody's business. Not every clothing style is made for every body type. Don't get upset and don't give up. Try on another style, because there is one out there that looks amazing on you! Learn JOMO- The Joy of Missing Out. Instead of dwelling on the clothes that don't look good on you, learn to love the ones that do. It's about being grateful for what you do have & not being sad about the things you don't. This can be a hard concept to learn, I know because I've undoubtedly struggled with it myself. Putting JOMO into practice, however, has not only helped me with my body image, but also in many different areas of my life. I'm confident it will help you too!

Me in what I'm sure was once a very trendy,

lime jumpsuit. Definitely feeling the JOMO

on this one!

4. Know your style history.

Think, over the decades, what kinds of pieces are you typically drawn to? This could pertain to favoring certain colors, patterns, styles, or something as simple as a preference for skirts over pants. One of my favorite personal style pieces is a jean vest. Other items on my list: Dark colors over bright, mini skirts, animal print, leather, velvet, jackets, & A-line dresses. Go through your closet and then an old photo album and find your style patterns. If the style has repeated itself your closet, then it's repeated itself in fashion history. These are pieces you can purchase with confidence, knowing you'll wear them again even if they are not necessarily "trending". This is how you find your wardrobe basics. This, my friends, is the absolute foundation of finding your own personal style.

wardrobe stylist houston tx ashley kahn

Here's me through the years with my trusty jean jacket. Still a style staple in my wardrobe today

5. Wear what you love.

If you feel cute, comfortable, and confident when you are wearing a particular outfit, wear it. Because honestly trends are not important. Fit is important. Appropriate attire for certain events and situations is important. If it fits well & and you feel great, you will radiate a confident glow that other people will find irresistible. I used to worry people would think my outfits were too bold or too edgy. I got tired of worrying about it. I wore them anyways because I loved them. And you know what? Everyone else loved them too. Even the people who didn't love what I was wearing, respected my unique outlook on personal style. Jesus said it best, "Do not conform to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind". Amen.

That being said, fashion & shopping mistakes are inevitable. I know, I've made a truck load of them. But if you can take a disliked piece you bought, and learn something about your own style preferences from it, you have succeeded and are well on your way to discovering your own personal style! #nostyleregrets

Until next time,

Wear it Out!




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