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Real women. Real wardrobes.

My passion is to help women create and find awesome outfits that they love to wear. And yes, of course you can buy a brand new outfit by shopping in retail stores or online, but what if that perfect, new outfit could come from your existing wardrobe? So often when women need a new outfit, the first inclination is to run to the mall. What if we ran to our closets first? What if shopping for clothes was done with purpose and intention? Only selecting and purchasing clothing pieces that coordinate with other pieces we own instead of just buying the first cute thing we like? Investing in quality items that bring value to our wardrobes because they can be worn multiple ways and will last more than a few seasons. I know for a fact that not only would the outfit options be endless in your wardrobe, but you'd save time, frustration, and sanity.

Am I saying never buy something new? No. Am I saying you don't need an update or two every season to keep current? Of course not. What I am saying is that there is a way to be efficient at style.

So I'm starting a blog series where I help real women in their wardrobes and photograph the stylish results! I will discuss my favorite trends and which are the best to invest in, key pieces to have in your wardrobe, and the story behind each woman I have styled!

Wardrobe Stylist in Houston, TX styles the everyday woman

Ameerah owns an awesome business called Brunch and Slay, a company that puts on events to bring women together, inspire and encourage. Working from home most of the time, and venturing out for networking, meetings, and her posh events-- gave me lots of room to play when it came to putting together a chic day outfit! Below, I break down this outfit into fundamental parts to give you inspiration for your own wardrobe. I'll also mention which pieces we found in her closet and which ones we added in!

Houston Personal Stylist styles the everyday woman from her closet

1.The Wardrobe Staples

White jeans

I love adding a white jean to the wardrobe as an essential basic. Light and bright, if gives a whole new dimension to outfits and the perfect vibe for warmer weather. A neutral, white can go with any color, making it able to pair with tons of pieces in your wardrobe and worth the monetary investment.

The essential layering cami

I often refer to these as a "shell." It's basically a blouse in any color or pattern that is sleeveless or short sleeved and easily can be put under outerwear. Ameerah's is the criss cross cami from EXPRESS and it's limited volume and fluff allows it to be easily paired under this jacket. It will also go with so many other pieces in her wardrobe! This was a piece we bought with intention to create this specific look, but also knowing it would aid in creating many other looks in her wardrobe!

The colored heel

I love the unexpected green, python pump in this outfit. The emerald really contrasts against the blush pink but also really compliments it. Ameerah had these knock-outs in her closet and she loves the height of this heel. Any heel height works for this look though- get one that works for you!

Closet Stylist in Houston, TX styles everyday woman from her wardrobe

Photos shot by Chelsea Aldrich

2. The Seasonal Updates

The Bomber Jacket

This style of jacket is a huge trend right now, resulting from the 90's vibe that has saturated the fashion world. Purchasing a trendy layering piece is an easy way to update your wardrobe for the current season. And, with all the right wardrobe staples, is easy to transition around the wardrobe into multiple looks. Ameerah had just purchased this great jacket from Target and was excited to see a new outfit to wear with it!


Though there are most definitely accessories that fall under the wardrobe staples, jewelry in general is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create a current and updated wardrobe. I recommend purchasing some trending pieces for every season! Right now, I'm just crazy about Nina Berenato's geometric masterpieces that she hand makes out of Austin, TX! We added these in to finish the outfit!

Want to shop Ameerah's look? Click any of the pictures above!

More real women and wardrobes coming soon!

Until next time,

Wear it Out,




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