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The 4 Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Next Piece of Clothing

As a stylist, I can sum up my mantra with a simple math equation. Here it is: Versatility=Value. That’s not math you say? Maybe not, I barely passed college algebra. Guess it’s a good thing I work with clothes for a living. This might not be real math, but I can guarantee when it comes to your wardrobe, it will save you both real time and money. It is the single most important concept when it comes to owning a simplified and easy to manage closet that ALSO has endless outfit options. Sound like a paradox or perhaps like maybe I’m living in some alternate parallel universe? Reality check – it’s totally possible. Nerdy math geek? No. Nerdy Sci-Fi Geek? YES. Didn’t think nerds could give style advice did you? Well, consider your mind blown, and allow me to now show you the path to Style Enlightenment. ;)

You paid for the clothes in your closet with your hard earned dollar. Are they doing their job? Living up to their full potential? You should be wearing those pieces out; getting as much use out of each component of your wardrobe as possible. The best way to determine a piece of clothing’s value is to first determine how versatile it is. I’ll do my best to make it a whole lot easier than it was to find the value of x in Mr. Stewart’s Algebra 101 class.

Closet Stylist in Houston, TX

Taking the same top to the office (above) to a happy hour or dinner out (below) with friends!

Personal Shopper in Houston, Texas

Next time you go shopping and are about to purchase a new piece to add to your wardrobe, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I already own a piece that serves the same function/purpose?

The bottom line is, you don’t need 6 pairs of boot cut slacks for work. You only need one; one pair that fits you well and that you love. Because let’s face it: we all search for that one favorite pair of black slacks out of the 6. And you know what? It’s a hassle, a waste of time, and just down right frustrating. Now having a variety of black work pants with a range of styles and cuts? (Boot cut, Slim Ankle, Tapered Ankle, etc.) Now we are talking.

2. Can I wear this piece at least 4 different ways?

Like I said, your clothes need to be working for you. A piece increases its value by proving it can be used with several other pieces that are already in your closet. Extra brownie points for pieces that can be worn from office, to play, to casual. Those are the kind of pieces that add value to your wardrobe and help keep things simplified.

Wardrobe Stylist in Houston, TX

Same top from casual day (above) to a stellar night out (below)

Houston Personal Stylist

3 . How does this piece fit in with my lifestyle?

Listen, I feel ya, I too can think of four different ways to wear a pair of sexy leather pants or those drop dead gorgeous hot pink sky-high stilettos. That being said, how often can I honestly say I will be able to wear them in the next year? Some women can say every-dang-day! “I dress up often,” or “I frequently vacation and will have plenty of occasions to wear these beauties!” Perfect. It’s worth it. Now, for the woman who doesn't do the nightlife scene as often, sky-high pink stilettos may not be the best selection. I’m not completely anti-splurge, but just remember we don't want to flood our closets with pieces we don't wear! It only makes it harder to find the pieces we actually do.

4. Do I feel cute, comfortable, and confident when I wear it?

Basically…do you LOVE it? This may sound like an obvious and silly question, but I cannot stress its importance enough. How many times do we settle for pieces that we are not completely satisfied with? Maybe you bought it because it was on sale, you were short on time, or because it is so difficult to find clothes that flatter your uniquely beautiful body shape (and let’s face it- the search can be exhausting and frustrating). Or maybe you fell in love with a piece in the store, came home, and realized you had no idea what to do with it! So what happens next? It all ends up hanging in a closet untouched and unworn. Money and closet space are wasted. So love it or leave it baby!

I truly believe that asking yourself these four questions before buying new clothes will help you shop more efficiently and economically! I’m passionate on educating women about how they can be more efficient with their style, as well as helping them discover what clothes make them look and feel great. Do I love my job?! Well, duh!

Until next time,

Wear it out!

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