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Wear it Out: 4 Stunning Ways to Style Wide Leg Pants

By now, you've probably noticed that retail stores are now offering a whole lot more style options when it comes to pant bottoms. The skinny jean/pant style that has reigned for the past decade is finally taking a step down from its high throne. (Thank goodness too!) Though having seen this one style of pant for so long, it can make other styles seem a little intimidating. I'm thrilled to say wide leg pants are making a huge comeback, but if you are anything like me, when you saw them you thought, "Ok, I love these, but what on earth do I wear them with?".

Well, fear not my friends because I've cracked the code on these pants. Believe me when I say, they are not as difficult to pair things with as you would think! My client, Debbie and I, found a beautiful pair of ivory slacks at White House Black Market together. Check out how I put together outfits with the tops she already had hanging in her closet!

Wardrobe Stylist Houston TX styles wide leg pants

Debbie, standing at 5'4'', is not someone you would call tall. Can't tell in this outfit though can you? Choosing top lengths that don't fall much past her hip bones, keeps her legs looking long and lean in this wide pant style. This look could easily go anywhere from the office to a nice evening out.

Wardrobe Stylist Houston TX styles wide leg pants

As opposed to the first top, this one is not as form fitting throughout but still gives her a great shape by defining her waist on the sides. I loved styling Debbie in sleeveless tops, as they accentuated her beautiful broad shoulders. The wide leg pants do a great job of balancing out her entire frame!

Wardrobe Stylist Houston TX styles wide leg pants

Bodice or bustier tops look great with the wide leg pant style. They fall perfectly right at the hip bones. To keep it more on the reserved side, we added this cute cardigan top.

Wardrobe Stylist Houston TX styles wide leg pants

I love the classic black and white look paired with animal print. This top goes slightly past the hip bones, but I like how it toned down the dressy- ness just a tad. It's also still short enough to keep her proportions right and those legs looking long!

Another way to wear these pants is with tops tucked in. I'm also definitely not saying that longer tops are a no-no when it comes to wide leg pants. At the end of the day, it comes down to what looks best on you and your body type. Not every style of clothing looks great on every body, and that's ok! It's all about finding the right combination of pieces to create outfits that make you feel cute, comfortable, and confident. That's what I specialize in. Helping women shop their closets, as well as retail stores to find and create outfits that look best on them. Along with coaching on how to build and maintain a wardrobe that they love. Do I love my job? Oh, yes!!

Until next time friends,

Wear it Out!

Wardrobe Stylist Houston TX styles wide leg pants




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